A living legend of the circus arts long before cofounding Sarasota’s own Circus Arts Conservatory in the heart of circus town, Dolly Jacobs has dined with royalty, mastered mythical finish tricks without a net and dangled from a helicopter without breaking a sweat. Locally loved and internationally recognized, she’s received the Voice of Sarasota Award from Visit Sarasota County and the National Heritage Fellowship award from the National Endowment for the Arts—a first for a circus peformer. And this month, the titan of circus theater adds another accolade to the list—another jewel in the crown of the “Queen of the Air”—with her imminent induction into the Sarasota High School Hall of Fame this month. The female athlete inductee of the year, Jacobs caught the circus bug from and performed with the Sailor Circus as a young performer, long before cofounding Circus Sarasota in 1997. “It’s a great after-school program,” she told SRQ in an interview earlier this year. Not everyone was hooked she said, but the ones that were, were hooked for life. “I was the little girl on the sidelines watching the aerialists,” she said. Jacobs will be inducted into the Sarasota Hall of Fame on September 26 at an event at Michael’s on East.