Revert to simpler times  with the mellifluous classics from the ‘40s and ‘50s or playback the throwbacks of the ‘60s and ‘70s. This 1960 Magnavox Micromatic Portable Transistor Turntable has the capacity to play and amplify any size record with all four speeds to spin vintage tunes invested in 33rpm (revolutions per minute), 45rpm (adapter included), 78rpm and even the rare 16s. Record players may now be objectified by hipsters to adorn their darkened lofts for nod-worthy sentiments; but if you’re any sort of audiophile who fetishizes the pure vibrations of analog recordings, or the nostalgic who enjoys the aesthetics of vinyl disks, jacket covers and a turntable setup, you’ve got a sound purchase on your hands. Audio aficionados often attribute a “warmth” to analog’s undiluted sound as opposed to digital sound’s “deteriorated” quality. And since CDs have the look of office supplies, records remain alluring and substantial with a sentimentality attached to the best albums of all time. Pulling a novelty out of its sleeve, placing it through the spindle onto the platter and introducing the needle to the groove of the spinning track bears a tactile quality—a soulful ritual, if you will. Colloquially speaking, turntables rank as high-end stereo equipment with hi-fi (high-fidelity) components, giving you a remarkably pure experience amplifying your favorites. And just for the record...this elusive find is no exception—with the intrical tonearm, belt-drive and stylus still in great working condition, along with its portable case in tip-top shape. Also at Todburn Antiques, it seems all vinyls go to heaven—find thousands of vintage wonders to sift through to properly jumpstart your collection. Good music has no expiration date.

Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.