There’s a reason we personify beautiful blossomed floraas a powerful female force, as Mother Nature, embodying the life-giving and nurturing aspects of the natural world. Perhaps it’s no coincidence we shower the leading ladies in our lives with blooming bouquets to show our undying love and appreciation. For this Mother’s Day season, SRQ handpicked select local female florists and designers, challenging them to put their creative groundwork to the test for an extraordinary arrangement. Some artfully abstract, others winsome and even surreal—these are the ultimate ethereal designs for the celebrated matriarch we call Mom. 

Photo 1

Sculptural Tillandsia 


“The juxtaposition of the sculptural air plants and the delicate blooms is a true reflection of our design aesthetic. Modern lux meets sustainable form and function—the ultimate Gulf Coast bundle, if you will.”  — ELLEN HANSON

Credits: The inspiration for this unconventional and charming grouping comes from its strikingly simple porcelain vessel, harnessed with a natural-tanned leather strap from Brooklyn, NY. Two different types of perennial tillandsia strike a pose with the lustrous petals of orange ranunculus bulbs in the wall-mounted planter designed by owner Ellen Hanson. Pansy is offering this arrangement for a Mother’s Day special of $225. Orders will need to be placed by May 5. Limited quantity available. Pansy Bayou Design Studio, 1533 Dolphin St., Sarasota, 941-413-5115,, @pansy_bayou_design_studio. ‘Azulejo’ textile by Charlotte Osterman and hanging planter are both sold exclusively at Pansy Bayou. 

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Wild Fireworks


“My arrangements feature native wildflowers that may be considered weeds by people that haven’t gotten to know them, But these ‘weeds’ are very important for our pollinators, butterflies and birds. I highlight them so they are lifted to a level of sophistication and beauty that people can recognize and connect with in a vase, but might otherwise overlook when they drive by them on the side of the road.”  — ANNIE SCHILLER

Credits: This self-sustaining and bohemian-forward bouquet engulfs with dwarf saltbush, goldenrod, fiddlewood, coral honeysuckle, pluchea, bidens, saw palmetto berries, Darrow’s blueberry, African blue basil and a “Blue Rose” succulent. Influenced by a local and seasonal plant palette, Annie Schiller, founder and designer of William’s Wildflowers, grafts Florida-indigenous herbs, edible and medicinal plants, native vines, fronds and swaths of wildflowers—grown and foraged from her 10 acres of fields in Old Myakka. Schiller’s arrangements are organic and highly fragrant, made only with freshly cut garden material. Proceeds help support the Florida Native Plants Nursery to create more pollinator-friendly landscaped projects. William’s Wildflowers, 730 Myakka Rd., Sarasota, 941-322-1915,, @williamswildflowersfl. Bouquets start at $240 and include delivery.

Hand-thrown, glazed ceramic vase by Anja Palombo of Sarasota Green Pottery, 2429 Burlington Ln., Sarasota, 941-266-9979, Fabric sourced from Boca Bargoons, 130 North Orange Ave., Sarasota, 941-366-1331,, @bocabargoonssarasota. 

 Photo 3

Garden Party


“Moms come in all ages, occupations and style preferences, but they are usually united by fashion choices that are fun and, of course, decadent. But being a mom can be a tough gig—the expectations are sky-high, the hours are long, the work itself— Mother’s Day is a good time to stop and renew our appreciation, and an awesome gift couldn’t hurt.”  — Sue ellen LARRIMORE

Credits: Bold and stunning, this arrangement commands the room with colorful peonies, garden roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus and phalaenopsis orchid stems. For an added female touch, the arrangement is potted in a moss-covered coin purse, with added jewels and placed in a wood floral garden box. Sue Ellen’s Floral Boutique, 3522 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota, 941-952-0404, Priced at $400 with delivery; smaller versions available for purchase. Reversible lux fabric sourced from Boca Bargoons Sarasota.

 Photo 4

Lilies & Cherries


“The hedge design inspiration came from gardening in the yard with my own mom.” — BECKI CREIGHTON

Credits: Springing with oriental blush-colored Sorbonne lilies and seasonal cherry blossom branches, Becki Creighton, owner of Flowers by Fudgie, created a lush arrangement using fresh-cut tree fern, shaped into a hedge. The stone planter then receives a dash of whimsy, once Creighton encircled it with curly willow shrubs and adorned them with faux butterflies for a garden feel. The grandeur of the four-tiered design catches the eye of artists and green thumbs alike, while the wired ribbon French bow adds a gift-wrapped statement. Flowers By Fudgie, 6627 Midnight Pass Rd., Sarasota, 941-349-4651, Call for pricing of smaller version. Decorative textile sourced from Boca Bargoons Sarasota.

 Photo 5

Hats Off To Mom


“Each one of us was nourished, protected and loved when we were too tiny to do anything for ourselves. Someone watched over us, guided us as we took our first steps and giggled with us as we tried new foods. If we are lucky, we have her wisdom, strength and fortitude. If we are luckier still, we have her by our side. And while honoring our mothers every day is a joy and a delight to us at Tiger Lily, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate her even more. So, hats off to the family CEO, stylist, Ms. Fix-it, lunch-maker, cheerleader, teacher, referee and superhero!”  — LINDA DOMENICO

Credits: A conceptual design turns heads with fuchsia phalaenopsis, peach free spirit garden roses, calla lilies, antique hydrangea, purple bear grass and overgrown vines. The design manifested from a chic brimmed hat by florist Linda Domenico, now at the helm of the exotic floral destination. Tiger Lily, 1619 Desoto Rd., Sarasota, 941-355-5661,, @tigerlilyflorist. Call for pricing. Mannequin and straw hat courtesy of Tiger Lily. Fabric sourced from Boca Bargoons Sarasota.