Certified master colorist at Alchemy Day Spa. Creative Director for Alkali Beauty hair care products. Color educator and member of Beauty Launchpad Education Team. Lynn Ouellette comes with a full sleeve of colored tattoos and a wealth of industry know-how. “The chemistry and science fascinated me early on,” she says. “And the gratification of giving someone a completely different look using my knowledge of color theory was ultimately why I fell in love with haircolor.” And when abnormal “fantasy colors” came onto the scene, “I knew I had to tap into it,” she says. “It excited me because it was an opportunity to express not only my clients’ individuality, but mine as an artist. So, I dove into it (literally) head first.” While the lifting and coloring can take 4-6 hours, Ouellette never tires and effortlessly brushes paint onto each strand using balayage (freehand) techniques. Once her canvas is saturated, a kaleidoscope of polychromatic hues becomes an entirely custom and personalized look for each guest. There is no “typical” client for this type of dye service either. “Clients that get fantasy colors are of every age group and walk of life,” she shares. Senior citizens, pharmacists, teachers, models, nurses and business owners, “they all have a desire to stand out and feel beautiful.” Clients have shown her photo inspo of brightly feathered parrots, iridescent gemstones, prismatic cocktails and vibrant florals. From there, Ouellette mixes a few bowls, gets lost in the magic and somehow manifests identical tones and highlights onto the hair as the desired reference photo. “As long as fantasy color lives on in Sarasota, I will be here behind my chair, painting rainbows,” she says.