Far from Patagonia and Antarctica, Penguin Cakes actually found its footing in Daytona Beach before its award-winning Pastry Chef and Cake Designer, Chelsea Daniels, took the plunge to move to her dream destination of Sarasota. With a steady hand for intricate detailing, her sculptural sugar rushes come dressed to impress—from decadent cake pops to comical cake displays and motif-themed cookies. Instead of mainstream, plain, round cookies, the quirky baker will craft a batch of Rolling Stones tongues, rainbow unicorns or Game of Thrones dragon eggs—sure to break the ice so your next themed party doesn’t have to involve small talk, just big appetites. Daniels has always strived to set herself apart from the flock and make a splash wherever she goes. Ergo, her self-proclaimed spirit animal remains the adorable waddlers who share her love of icing and also march to the beat of their own drum. “While they are birds, penguins do something that almost all other birds cannot,” she quips. “Instead of flying, they swim.”  

Penguincakes.org, @penguincakes