In the bright blazing light of the Florida sun, it’s important to look your best. Getting yourself to the gym is hard enough, so knowing where to shop shouldn’t be. Burns Court hot spot L. Boutique won over fashionistas for the honor of top spot, but down the street, runner-up Clever Rose gives the shop a run for its money. Lotus boutique rings in at second runner-up and The Met and INfluence Style tie for third runner-up.

R. Duran (on L. Boutique): L. Boutique is the only place I would shop. Their customer service is hands down the best in town. You go in maybe looking for a dress for a special occasion and come out with a customized wardrobe that is able to let your look your best. They have everything from really casual to very formal. It is one-stop shopping at it’s best with the most talented girls in town that really care about helping each and every client. Sharyn T. Vross (on Clever Rose): I love Clever Rose because it’s about finding that unique look that I don’t see in other boutiques. The staff is always welcoming and “honest” about what looks great. It’s such a happy and welcoming place to visit. Even when I don’t buy something, it’s just a beautiful place to hang out.