Condo buildings seem to be rising from the earth in every corner of the Gulf Coast. But which offers the public the best view? Vandyk’s One88 Residences towers over the competition, according to our readers. Mark Kauffman’s Rosemary Square project in North Sarasota won accolades as well, enough to be dubbed runner-up. The Vue rose to take second runner-up honors, and the third runner-up was a tie between two luxury projects, Aqua and One Palm.

Carl Troiano (on One88): The beautiful design and layout of the condominium compared to the others that have been recently built. Victor Sultana (on One88): There is this richness of glass surrounding the building, which prevents obstruction from the area view of the Bay. People will appreciate this openness, which creates positive energy for those who are lucky enough to live in this condo. This condo has one of the best views of the Bay area and its activities, with beautiful sunsets as a bonus. Nate Yoder (on One88): It is a mid-size condominium (not too small or too large in the skyline) and features amazing details in the design with clean, clear, unobstructed views of the bridge, bay and Bird Key (when it gets dark, you are looking at lights and other interesting features). John Camino (on the Vue): Great views and wonderful floor plans. For those that wish to enjoy vibrancy of downtown Sarasota, whether seasonally or year-round, and want a new, up-to-date condo with nice views and great amenities.