Hello, from the other side. Unfortunately, the only calls you’ll be able to make in here will be from your mobile, since the original phone box was taken out—but good news is you won’t have to rummage for coins to ring your mum. And though the world’s gone cellular, the traditional charm of British phone booths have been well preserved and celebrated throughout the decades. If you’re wondering about this one’s wooden infrastructure (as opposed to the classic red streetscape call boxes made of cast iron to temper U.K.’s wet climate), this ornate version was actually created for more formal settings such as fancy hotels, presumably around the 1940s, for guests to make personal calls in the lobby, free from nosy eavesdroppers and over-friendly Yanks. Since it didn’t have to withstand the elements and heavy use like outdoor booths, artisans took the liberty to incorporate more elaborate architecture and furnishings. The quality-frame boasts a door that opens completely for unobstructed viewing from three sides, and can even be used as a one-of-a-kind cabinet if a shelving unit were put in place to display your record and book collection. For the consummate traveler and fan of British science-fiction television, this hand-crafted and hand-painted contraption makes for a bloody good addition to your home office or den. Its iconic nostalgia prevails within each individual beveled glass panel and the lighted “Telephone” sign. Step inside its sturdy mahogany mass and feel like you’ve been whisked away to the U.K. And if your imagination is particularly explorative, channel The Doctor and time travel through the universe in your very own TARDIS.

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