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Delectable Games

At the Table   |   Phil Lederer

Linger Lodge and Jack Dusty still do it the all-natural, Old Florida way.

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Body Mechanics

Body and Health   |   Phil Lederer

Replacing old parts and shoring up the weak spots.

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Cargo   |   Anna Rachel Rich

An exotic excursion within reach.

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Art of Tart

Pantry   |   Anna Rachel Rich

Autumnís scarlet starlet rolls in with the cooler weather, making bold cameos in the sweetest treats.

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Magic of the Musical

Culture City   |   Phil Lederer

Like moths to the flame, musicals draw us to the stage, but why?

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Using Tile at Home

Design Notebook   |   Ashley Farlow

Patterned Tile for a Wallpaper Effect

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First Look

Dress Code   |   Rochelle Nigri

You have finally bitten the bullet and set up an online dating profile. Long-term, short-term, boredom, only you know your end game. But if you think you may want a second date, then set the tone and knock it out of the park with what you wear to date num

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Personal Development

In Brief   |   Jacob Ogles

Itís hard to believe that 20 years ago Lakewood Ranch was just undeveloped ranch land.

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Rosemary Hall Way

In Studio   |   Anna Rachel Rich

Exploring creativity within the walls of Hall Architects.

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Stage Presence

Nest   |   Anna Rachel Rich

Expert tips to sell your home in less time for more money.

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Locally Brewed

On Tap   |   Phil Lederer

Itís no secret that this year has seen Sarasota and Bradenton dive full-force into the craft beer scene with multiple breweries opening shop and within a short period of time becoming entrenched in the cultural and economic landscape. Foodies and brewhead

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Repping the Asolo Rep

On Board   |   Jacob Ogles

Plenty of Sarasotans each yeaR enjoy the works put on stage by the talents at the Asolo Repertory Theatre, but a handful have devoted a more significant chunk of their own lives toward keeping the institution artistically relevant and financially strong.

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Open House Savvy

Shorelife   |   John Hardy

Rules of the Real Estate Road.

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7,000 Turkeys Closer to Happy Thanksgiving
Perhaps no holiday centers around the concept of the feast quite like Thanksgiving. Certainly, the annual tradition of gathering around the turkey is one taken seriously at All Faiths Food Bank, which this week has distributed some 7,000 turkeys to needy families and to organizations feeding the underprivileged... Read More ›
Sarasota Reacts In The Wake Of Ferguson
Community organizers held a rally Tuesday in support of the people of Ferguson, Missouri and against police brutality and racially-motivated violence following a grand jury’s decision on Monday not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the death of black teenager Michael Brown... Read More ›
Good Bite
Destination: Derek's
Derek’s Culinary Casual was a bright spot in the perpetually up-and-coming landscape of Downtown Sarasota’s Rosemary District for seven years. The definition of destination dining, Derek Barnes' inventive, award-winning cuisine relied on flavor, rather than foot traffic, to establish a devoted... Read More ›
Downtown Gets Dose of Holiday Cheer
With a shortened holiday season and new competition in the marketplace, there was still plenty of cheer as merchants in Downtown Sarasota prepared for the holiday season. A 16-foot tree with 9,000 lights came up in the retail area over the weekend, and holiday decorations are suddenly adorning streetlights... Read More ›
Holiday Shopping Intentions
An estimated 140.1 million Americans will or may shop sometime during the holiday weekend this year, according to survey results released by the National Retail Federation, though a higher percentage than last year say they are waiting to see what deals are available before making a decision. Read More ›

Latest Post   SRQ | The Magazine is inspiring creative fitness in the area with a Roundtable dedicated to getting in shape and staying healthy. The Sports Revolution Roundtable showcases some of the region’s most intriguing sports and recreation both outdoors and indoors from paddle boarding and bicycling to soccer and triathlons, cutting-edge fitness facilities and the […]

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  SRQ | The Magazine is inspiring creative fitness in the area with a Roundtable dedicated...

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