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Behind the Notes

In Studio   |   Shane Donglasan

A look into what inspires a young musical composer

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Right Foot Forward

SRQ&A   |   Jacob Ogles

John Korff's New Marathon Hits the Ground Running

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Framing Solutions

In Brief   |   Jacob Ogles

University of South Florida Sarsota-Manatee Chancellor, Sandra Stone

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Art of Collecting

Culture City   |   Phil Lederer

Appreciating art and being surrounded by it

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Catch   |   Shane Donglasan

Springtime shades to sweeten your style

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Dream Time

Nest   |   Shane Donglasan

A colorful nursery inspires imagination

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Mother Lode

Culinary Beat   |   Kaye Warr

The moms behind the local restaurant scene

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Fire Breather

Pantry   |   Phil Lederer

The heat of Sarasota Scorpions

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Gut Check

Body & Health   |   Phil Lederer

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Asolo Celebrates Woody Guthrie
Asolo Repertory Theatre gears up for something a little different tonight. not quite a musical and much more than a concert, Woody Sez: The Life and Music of Woody Guthrie opens with what Nick Corley, director of Woody Sez, calls a “theatrical concert event.” Featuring four performers,... Read More ›
Marbut Talks Homelessness in Venice
When Dr. Robert Marbut was asked at a community event in Venice how Sarasota County was handling homelessness, he had plenty of nice words to say about some arenas. Help offered to homeless families, he said, was the best service anywhere in the country. Administrative improvements for government and... Read More ›
Daily Shop
Seaside Supper Style
Take your supper to the seaside this summer with beach-themed place settings from Indigo West. The indoor to outdoor plate collections will keep you in style no matter where you want to dine. Mix and match the plate patterns with easy outdoor placemats to bring texture to your table. The store also supplies... Read More ›
SRQ Studio Series
Where the Votes Are
Yesterday, SRQ Magazine's Senior Editor Jacob Ogles hosted a crowd of local political watchers for Where the Votes Are to explore the voter demographics of May 12th Sarasota City Commission runoffs. A steadfast group of our community's most loyal voters gathered to analyze the data, ask questions and... Read More ›
Bradentucky Bombers Prepped For Takeoff
With wheels on their feet and helmets on their heads, the Bradentucky Bombers take to the arena this weekend at Astro Skate of Bradenton, where the team will face down the visiting Jacksonville J-Villains in a cross-coastal rivalry for Florida roller derby supremacy. Blocking and jamming their way across... Read More ›

Latest Post On Wednesday, May 27th SRQ Magazine Senior Editor Jacob Ogles hosted the most recent installment of Where the Votes Are at SRQ Studios. Local political watchers gathered early to examine the voter turnout and demographics of the recent Sarasota City Commission runoff race from Districts 2 and 3. As newly elected commissioners Liz Alpert and…

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Latest Post The summer is peaking around the corner – the promise of long days at the beach and no homework are upon us. Every year around this time our internal clocks start to run a little slower to make way for the dog days ahead. One part of summer break is as certain as daylight savings…

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The summer is peaking around the corner – the promise of long days at the beach and no homework...

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