Where The Votes Are

A precinct-by-precinct analysis of the May 9 Municipal Election featuring highlights and key findings.


  • Brody proved the consensus candidate, showing wide overlap in support with both opponents on his way to a record-setting total.
  • Jennifer Ahearn-Koch saw major growth in bullet voting, surpassing Hyde and Brody, proving a greater voter intensity than in March.
  • Republicans in Sarasota saw a higher percentage turnout and retained more March voters, but Democrats still dominated in sheer numbers in the third straight Sarasota election where Democrats ran the tables.
  • In North Port, Republican voters outnumbers and out performed, though no registered Republican ran in the special election. Independent Jill Luke did beat a registered Democrat.
  • Women made up a greater portion of the electorate in May than March in both municipalities, with a sharp increase in Sarasota.
  • Black and Hispanic voters turned out at less than half the rate of white voters in both cities. White voters in Sarasota had very high turnout.
  • Voters in their 60s and 70s made up more than half the electorate participating in Sarasota. Voters in their 20s continue to grow as a portion of registered voters, but to perform poorly at polls. 

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