Stan Zimmerman, Sarasota City Commission District 3

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Editor's Note: This is the final installment in a six-part series. Each candidate for Sarasota City Commission was asked to answer identical questions on city issues in advance of the March 10 city election. Stan Zimmerman is running in District 3.

What would be the first priority at the start of your new term when you get elected? Print business cards.

What past or present Sarasota City Commissioner do you believe you would be most like in terms of how you govern? Fredd [Atkins], for tenacious constituent service; Terry [Turner] for ruthless fiscal management; and Kelly [Kirschner] for unremitting human compassion. 

What do you believe should be the city’s next step in terms of handling the homeless issue in Sarasota? Housing for the homeless; social services for vagrants.

What is the greatest financial challenge for the city right now and what is the most prudent way to handle it? There is not enough revenue to balance the current budget. Either cut services or raise taxes.

What is one change you would like to see in the way city business is conducted today? The agenda needs an overhaul. Consent items are often minor but take up valuable time. “New Business” needs to be moved from the end of the agenda. We should either rearrange the agenda for efficiency, or add an additional meeting per month for routine items and commissioner comments. Plus we’ve held one informal meeting, and all commissioners found it useful. This should be encouraged to continue.

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