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It’s noon on a Tuesday, but David Dabbert is not in Dabbert Gallery—at least not the familiar location down at 76 South Palm Avenue. And he’s traded out his traditional suit for a set of (still rather dapper) work clothes—shorts and a white button-down. With the deafening sound of power tools in the background, he steps outside of what will very soon be Dabbert Gallery’s new home on 46 South Palm Avenue, previously Hodgell Gallery, to talk about the new space and the Art Parade on Palm he and gallery co-founder Pat Dabbert have planned for their triumphant move this Friday.

“I hope this will mean a new chapter,” says Dabbert. Since leasing the space, remodeling and revamping have been extensive, calling in plumbers, electricians, painters and, having fun with the power tools in the back, carpenters constructing cabinetry and storage. But it will all be worth it once people see the new gallery, he says. Coming in at 1,500 square feet, the relocation represents a sizable upgrade for Dabbert Gallery, with an additional 400 square feet to display more artwork from member artists and let more viewers in. Once inside, the new Dabbert Gallery exudes a far more modern atmosphere than the old. Gone are the carpets and deep color walls, replaced with pure white, unadorned floors and walls embracing the clean line. And with an extended frontage sporting great glass windows for easy viewing from the street, the gallery’s presence on Palm should be more prominent than before.

But more than increasing the gallery’s presence, says Dabbert, the upgraded space should increase the artists’ presence, which is what really matters. “It’s all about the artist,” he says. “If the artist is successful, then we’re successful.”

With all of the dirty work well underway, what remains is to transport the almost 70 paintings stored within the old Dabbert Gallery into their new home down the street. Towards that end, and enlisting the help of member artists such as James Griffin, Dabbert Gallery will be hosting an Art Parade on Palm this Friday, Sep. 29 at 4:30pm. Along with the Dabberts, the artists and their families and friends will march from the former Dabbert Gallery to the shiny new one, carrying their artwork and delivering it to the gleaming white walls of the new Dabbert Gallery. But the party isn’t limited to artists. “Bring your friends and relatives,” says Dabbert. “And if you know anyone who plays a musical instrument, bring them along and join in the fun.” Times are hectic, post-Irma, but he hopes they can wrangle a trumpet player or a drummer to lead the march Big Easy-style.

Afterwards, the gallery is open and all are invited in for some wine, cheese and the Dabbert’s famous Sarasota Citrus Champagne Punch. “We may not have everything hanging just right,” says Dabbert, “but we’ll be open.”

Pictured: "Evening Breeze" by James Griffin. Photo courtesy of Dabbert Gallery.

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