Foxall Strident During Final Stretch in District 72

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Editor’s note: This is the final in a three-part series profiling candidates for state House District 72

Pro-pot. Pro-gun rights. Anti-incentives. Libertarian Alison Foxall sets herself apart from traditional candidates by championing an array of issues that don’t always come packaged together on the normal spectrum of American politics, but which all share a foundation in small government principles.

But she’s also more than your typical Libertarian. In fact, her campaign for the special election in state House District 72 has raised more money ($14,577 through Jan. 4) than any other Libertarian running for state House in Florida history. And she believes she can win based on the growing distaste for partisan brinksmanship. “We are giving them a reason to go out and vote," she says, "and to say they are done with two-party bickering.”

Going door to door in a district in which she was born, Foxall says she’s seen lots of support for ending the drug war and for stopping gun control measures. Foxall, the managing partner at Gobble Logic, also wants to push for an end to occupational licenses in Florida, a move that could encourage startups and commerce.

Which isn’t to say she’s a complete anarchist. Fox all supports a ban on oil drilling in Florida, as do her Democrat opponent Margaret Good and Republican opponent James Buchanan. And while she’s pushed back on reporting that she’d support a sanctuary city ban—“It’s up to counties and municipalities if they support federal immigration laws”—she doesn’t adhere to any type of extreme open borders ideology, and says she would work with the Sheriff’s Department to ensure laws are enforced. She does believe immigrants should have a more simple path to coming to the U.S., but also stresses that’s a matter that will be decided at the federal level. 

But the biggest critique of her candidacy may simply be viability. Both major party candidates have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the dynamics of a special election have Libertarians statewide hopeful about Foxall. “We’re still aiming to take the win,” she says. “Independent voters represent 25 percent of this district, and we are giving them a reason to go out and vote.” 

Photo courtesy Foxall campaign: Alison Foxall hands out campaign literature, hears from voter.

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