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From the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean coastline to the Gulf shores of Sarasota, think Greek the next time you crave a freshly prepared, top quality, healthy, hearty dish. “Honest Food, Honest Practices” remains the undying mantra at this blue-colored hot spot. Blu Kouzina delivers by continually bringing Greece’s signature, wholesome culinary scene to St. Armand’s Circle for locals and tourists alike. Not only striving for the freshest ingredients obtainable, you will not find a single microwave or freezer on site either—baking their own breads, preparing their meats on premise, selecting fresh fish from local fishermen and sourcing organically grown produce daily.

Both traditional and contemporary dishes are made with a special key ingredient—Blu Kouzina’s very own extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from their 100+ year old olive grove in Greece. The Green Gold Tsakiris Family Estate covers over 100 acres of land and comprises of over 3,000 beautifully flourished olive trees. The olive groves are organically maintained, carefully hand picked, cold pressed and first pressed, then bottled under the Grove’s name and shipped exclusively to Blu Kouzina Restaurants. Rooted as a family business, all Tsakiris family members have experienced and helped in the harvesting process, which happens every year from November-December. Other staple ingredients the owners deem inherent for cooking include sea salt, wild oregano (rigani) and organic thyme honey. The sea salt is from the Mani Peninsula, located by the Mediterranean Sea where the process involves seawater trapped inside the holes of volcanic rock drying up in the sun, leaving the pure, dried sea salt which is then hand picked and packaged straight from the rock and into Blu Kouzina’s recipes. Their oregano is found within the Tsakiris Estate during the summer months while the shepherds roam and herd the sheep, they hand collect the indigenous herb, let it dry out and package for essential seasoning. Their thyme honey comes from beehives located in Mani, Greece where there is no cellular phone signals, in order to keep the bees alive and healthy. This prized honey fills up during the warmer times of the year where it is collected and sealed by local beekeepers. The unique flavors and scents of the Tsakiris family are what truly keep Blu Kouzina a genuine destination—taking you on a palatable journey to the amorous blue islands.

Blu Kouzina, 25 N Boulevard of the Presidents, Sarasota, 941-388-2619.

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