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Celebrate Labor Day weekend with “Big Red”—no, it’s not Clifford the dog or the southern cream soda—it’s Brick’s massive live fire Oyler pit which has seemingly revolutionized the art and science of barbecue. Capable of turning out 1800 lbs. of meat, the offset red oven encompasses multiple shelves inside its chamber which rotate the rotisserie like a ferris-wheel—constantly basting its contents inside low and slow, and massaging them as they pass through alternate temperature zones while revolving through the wee hours of the night.Ever get the feeling once you’ve left the house that you left the oven on? Pitmaster Clint Michael does all the time, but it’s a good thing. Every evening, he puts a load of sausages, spare ribs, pulled pork, brisket and turkey breast into the insulated red eye machine to slow cook throughout the whole night, to which he returns in the morning to retrieve the meats’ from their smoldering slumber party. The results: miraculous, mouth-watering grub with the smokey flavor of solid white oak.

Former aircraft mechanic for 20 years, turned chef for the Tampa Ray’s, pitmaster Clint has been with Brick’s since their inception and while he claims he lost his sense for heat a while back when trying his friend's home grown jalapenos which accidentally cross-pollinated with habaneros—"It blew my spice taste buds right off my tongue"—the monarch of Big Red still knows a thing or two about braising and glazing. Brick’s house specialty and staple entree, the prime brisket marinades and slow cooks for over 16 hours, “It’s a lot of work, but it’s a labor of love,” says Clint. “Only 2% of the beef in the U.S. is prime grade, so we try not to cover any of its natural flavor,” speaking of the simple salt and pepper rub, letting the quality beef speak for itself.

If you want that tried-and-true Texas flavor for a guaranteed hit at your next neighborhood BBQ, birthday party or wedding rehearsal, "We offer full-service catering with our full menu for any size event," says Clint. Whether at the Annual Labor Day Regatta, at the beach pavillion or your backyard, Brick’s brings the food, equipment, dining ware and the service all to you. Order anything off the menu for an effortless, rustic barbeque party—from the gamut of smoked meats, Nachos Deluxe, chicken wings, sandwich melts, Porto“Bellies” platter, kale apple salad or the sweet desserts like Brulee Banana Pudding served in a mini Mason jar. Clint will be onsite for every event and depending on the amount of food, mentions their capability of setting up stations such as a carving station, taco station, burnt ends side station, etc., including offerings of all Brick’s house sauces—because who doesn’t love the thrill of getting a little messy on their last chance to wear white until next year’s Memorial weekend?

“New menu items are coming soon as well,” says Clint. “We’re playing around with an apple-chip crusted grouper special, a spinach salad with bacon vinaigrette and caramelized red onions, more vegetarian options and new desserts like a deep fried sponge cake.” Where’s the bib? Labor Day weekend feasting is about to go down Lone Star-style.

Guests who order $200 or more for catering will receive a $25 gift card for a future visit. Special running Friday, August 31–Monday, September 3. Please order 24 hours in advance. For catering inquiries email or call 941-993-1435.

Image provided by Brick's

Brick's Smoked Meats, 1528 State St., Sarasota.

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