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From the nostalgic past time of running down the street to catch the icecream man to now—somewhere in between boomed this new-age food truck phenomena—humble mobiles grander than any upscale brick & mortar restaurant. Walk right up to the makeshift counter and grab a creatively cooked meal to-go, al fresco style and at crazy affordable prices. Sarasota's welcoming food truck scene is more alive than ever with open arms, open mouths and open street lots, with so many jumping on the trendy notion with more exotic bites and worldly cuisine than ever before. SRQ’s 20th Anniversary Street Party, LA STRADA will host an entire block of traveling treats on Dolphin Avenue—full of our region’s favorite local, family-owned food trucks. Unique concepts, variety of global cuisine and fun/easy dishes to stroll the grounds of the party feasting by the fistful. Get a load of the killer lineup who want to feed you plenty at this weekend’s shin-dig:

FillaburgerGet stuffed with a twist on the classic cookout essential. Home of the decadent stuffed mac-n-cheese burger, pulled pork burger and Cali burger, you’re sure to leave full and completely satisfied.

SaraFresh—Organic cold pressed juice, superfood smoothies and juice cleanses for every lifestyle. Seasonal fruits and veggies locally-sourced from Worden Farm.

Kona IceFlavoring your own shaved ice is pretty much the best thing ever. Cool off at Kona Ice and pick as many mouth-watering flavors as you want.

Bowled LifeHealthy and nutritious choices for fueling your body with fresh superfoods. Menu options: acai bowls, pataya bowls, fruit smoothies, avocado toast, soups, salad/keto bowls.

Sweet Niche Baking Company—There is always room for dessert! Satisfy your sweet tooth with homemade cookies, gourmet cupcakes, chocolate truffles and many other craft baked goods.

Kuwai Venezuelan Street Food—Not to be missed, these Venezuelan brothers transport you to their home country with authentically delicious South American eats. Menu options: rotating arepas, catiras, papas caraca and burgers.

PB & Jelly Deli—Reinventing the childhood classic with quirky flavor combinations that are savory, sweet and remind you of home. For every meal sold, PB & Jelly Deli will give a meal away to someone in need.

Tropical Crepes & Waffles—Waffles on a stick and Bubble waffles in a variety of flavors, from sweet and savory crepes like apple cinnamon, fruit-filled ones and chocolatey delights like cookie dough blast and salted pretzel caramel.

WingWayTry some of the region’s best chicken wings, free-range chicken cooked to perfection and available in 27 creatively different flavors to choose from.

It’s going to be a helluva ride! Bring your appetite and see you there.

Photo of Kuwai Venezuelan Street Food truck's "Blondie" arepa, courtesy of SRQ Executive Publisher, Wes Roberts.

LA STRADA tickets here. Saturday, October 20, 6pm-11pm. Dolphin St between South Orange & South Pineapple, Downtown Sarasota.

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