Sarasota Developer Calls For Boycott on Alabama University

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A Sarasota developer just delivered a message to the Alabama state legislature about it’s expansive new abortion law.

Hugh Culverhouse, Jr., the largest donor to the University of Alabama in its history, called for a boycott of the school. He said students, especially those coming from out of state, should avoid the Tuscaloosa school.

“I cannot countenance a law school, especially one which bears my name, teaching state law that I believe to be wrong both constitutionally and morally,” Culverhouse said.

Culverhouse has given 21.5 million to what last year became the Culverhouse School of Law at the University of Alabama. He also provided a $6.5 million endowment school, which is named for his late father Hugh Culverhouse, Sr. 

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey earlier this month signed into law a restrictive statute prohibiting abortion at all stages of pregnancy, allowing exceptions only when the life of a mother is threatened or in the event of a fatal condition for a fetus.

Lawmakers in the Yellowhammer State have said explicitly they’d like to see the law land in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in hopes the body overturns the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision protecting a woman's right to have an abortion.

Culverhouse, an attorney with an office in Miami, sees enormous problems with the law, which he said discriminates against women. “Why are doctors who perform abortions subject to criminal penalties, while doctors who conduct vasectomies are not?” Culverhouse said. “How about doctors who perform hysterectomies; is that the next medical procedure to be criminalized? What about contraception?”

The Sarasota developer’s parents both studied at the University of Alabama, and he has long provided financial support for the school. But he said he can’t provide further support for a state institution in Alabama until the law gets repealed or struck down.

“The same Alabama legislature that enacted this unconstitutional law also provides 22 percent of the funding of the University,” he said. “As one who has substantially supplemented this funding, I protest what the Alabama legislature and its Governor have done, and stand with women on this issue. This is only the first step I intend to take to rectify this injustice.”

Culverhouse said he intends to redirect his donation ability to support the ACLU as it challenges the law in court.

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