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As a sugar-fixated kid, you’d run down the street to catch the ice cream man. As a working adult, your days of truckin' treats may not be necessarily over with the new, mobile custom suit shop. Now, you’ll be chasing after highly-trained bespoke tailor Donald Carlson. Carlson unlatched his hatch to the public this month to open a simple, yet untapped concept in Sarasota. What was once an old AC box truck is now decked out inside as a tailoring service and gentleman’s lounge, and donning a matte black exterior and the fitting name Tweeds. Inspired by the business model he stumbled upon in Austin, TX, Carlson is now bringing made-to-measure, high-quality suits and dress shirts curbside for busy, stylish professionals. 

By appointment or by luck, get “suited up” in a pinch, with Tweeds covering the greater Sarasota region with his steering wheel in one hand and measuring tape in another. Carlson personally transports the materials and services directly to your home, or office, for a sartorial masterpiece right on the street—guaranteeing a unique amenity you’ve yet to experience, saving you valuable time and providing a jacket and/or trouser that fits like a glove. “Every garment is made to the customer’s exact specifications,” he says. “We go through a design process where we pick the fabric, patterns and then determine how wide the lapel will be, what color buttons to use, what kind of pockets, etc. Everything is hand-selected for each individual client.” 

Choosing to steer clear of synthetic fibers such as polyester, all Tweeds suits come handmade with 100% wool, linen, silk, tweed, etc.—sourced from revered international fabric mills. “Loro Piana for instance, is a mill based in Quarona, Italy since 1924,” explains Carlson. “The Piana family has been trading textiles since the early 1800s. This is the finest wool mill in the world and I am proud to offer their exclusive lines to my clients.” Carlson may not having Chipwiches to offer you, but he’s certainly worth the flag down to get your next double-breasted showstopper as he cruises down Palm Avenue. 

Photo courtesy of Donald Carlson.

Tweeds, 941-343-7606, @tweedssuitshop

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