Newly Discovered History at Historic Spanish Point in Osprey

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Come to Historic Spanish Point to see the ongoing natural restoration project at The Point, an archeological wonder that has remained covered by vegetation for nearly 100 years. The Point is the most recent discovery at the 30-acre outdoor museum on Little Sarasota Bay. This is the first time in this century that visitors have the opportunity to see items on The Point that have been hidden for decades—marked pathways, a cistern, planters, building foundations, a swimming pool, and much more. 

John McCarthy, Historic Spanish Point’s Executive Director, stated, “The clearing of The Point will provide our visitors with another look at life in early Florida. I am certain that we will discover even more history about the Palmer, Conrad, Spang, and Webb families who lived at Spanish Point in the late 19th and early 20th Century.”

The Point, the farthest western extension of Historic Spanish Point in Little Sarasota Bay, saw a rapidly changing landscape during the late 1800s and early 1900s. In those years, multiple families built homes and gardens, many of which no longer exist. Historic Spanish Point has undertaken a project to remove invasive plant species from this area, and through this process remnants have already been uncovered from this historical period, 1892-1931. Historic Spanish Point Curator Garrett Murto and Site Horticulturist Nancy Paul are heading the team that is revealing the hidden structures and recent discoveries of bottles, glass, pottery, and other historically significant items.  



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