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Focused on nature and aesthetics, Dominika Zabczyk of DominiqArt developed her senses and techniques by chasing the wind and soaking in the salty. Her acrylic paint and layered resin splash onto mediums of wood and canvas—creating wave-crashing motifs from a drone’s eye view. Inspired by the “new-age perspective” of drone footage and photography, the local designer and artist often uses sky point photos to emulate in her art. And to get it as close to the real thing as humanly possible, she’ll often spend hours scouring the shoreline of Lido to gain visual insight on how the waves unfold and roll onto the beach. “I go to study the water, I watch the foam and the sand as the waves come in; I study every detail so that I can recreate it in my art,” Dominika says. After creating the different colored pigments of her resin from the ink of markers, she pours layers of the viscous substance—in whatever varying shade of blues she chooses to show clarity and depths of the “water”—onto her hand-painted medium. “With 15-20 minutes to play,” before the resin solidifies, Dominika uses her fingers to organically spread the flow of the pour, as well as a heat gun to create lacing and air bubbles that mimic the ebb and flow of waves crashing ashore.

While a good bit of Dominika’s collection can hang on the walls as alluring artwork, many of her other pieces also act as daily-use products. Whether a cutting board, serving tray/platter, dish bowl, longboard or skateboard, the freeform waterscapes are artful reminders to never move to a state that is landlocked. “My mission is to show you the beauty of nature—contemplate its colors, motion, texture and how it affects you,” she says. 

Dominika is also an ambassador for organizations Clear Blue Sea and 5Gyres, who work to bring awareness to the dangers of ocean pollution and remove waste from our coastlines. Every sale donates 10% to support their missions. Find DominiqArt featured throughout the upstairs of Green Zebra’s new downtown cafe.

Photo courtesy of Dominika Zabczyk.

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