The “Power of Work” in the lives of the region’s poor has always been the core mission for Goodwill Manasota, and that vision, of course, requires plenty of work to bring it to life. We reached out to board members from the high-profile nonprofit about why they donate an asset that can’t be dropped off at a drive-through: their time. 

Sandy Kirkpatrick Board Member

"The chance to get involved with an organization that does so much good for so many in need of education and jobs was an honor no one could pass up. As I have come to know the organization and its people, I see that we have resources and ambitions to do even more, especially in collaboration with other nonprofits with complementary missions."


Peter Crowley Secretary and Treasurer
"My first exposure to Goodwill Manasota was through a college summer internship program. I saw first-hand how the social entrepreneurial model is an effective way to serve those in need in our community. When I returned to Sarasota to begin my professional career, I was provided the opportunity to serve on the board and it has been a rewarding experience. There is nothing more rewarding than the dignity of a paycheck and that is what Goodwill provides to hundreds of individuals in our community who would not otherwise have the opportunity. We have an engaged and impressive group of volunteers on the Goodwill Manasota board and I am proud to serve alongside them to further the mission of Goodwill in our community."