Since 1977, the power management company Eaton   has held its annual SOURCE Awards competition in lighting design to bring the best and the brightest of the coming generation to the fore. “The future of lighting depends on the next generation of designers,” says Kraig Kasler, president of Eaton’s lighting division. “Our awards program is designed to give students the opportunity to apply their creative thinking and education to achieve real-world experience.” With students from around the country submitting project designs and concept statements to showcase the power and affect of lighting design in architecture, honors are bestowed based on aesthetics, creativity and concept. And at the end of this year’s 41st Annual Source Awards competition, only nine awards were given out, with a full third going to students studying at Ringling College of Art and Design.

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A common response I, as well as other students, had after the first
lecture on lighting is: “I’m not an electrician, this isn’t my job.” However, when lighting is disregarded, a space loses most, if not all, of the design that went into it. Wayfinding, emphasis, dynamism, interaction, immersion, experience and even safety are all jeopardized when lighting isn’t considered as an integral part of the design. I chose to create an arcade because I felt I had a strong personal affinity with the clientele and customer demographic. It was because of this chance for creative freedom that I really wanted to put into the spotlight a proof of concept,
a modern take on a time-lost market and industry, a fantastic cornerstone of community in the video game industry. It was in the project that I really began to understand the importance of end-users. Even in the scenario where a designer’s client is a brand or company, it is critical to never forget who will be utilizing the space in the end. Honorable Mention.

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Gericel De Los Santos   THE WINTER ESCAPE

Lighting is something that constantly gets taken for granted, but can really affect a person’s health. The difference between cold and warm lighting is huge, and it is important to know when to properly use each of them. Lighting can also affect the environment; LED lights are more energy-efficient than regular fluorescent lights. I am proud of the cohesiveness of the design and how, no matter what room you are in, you get to enjoy the wonders of the northern lights, which was the inspiration for this project. I am also proud of how lighting really became the main focus of the hotel. Honorable Mention.

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Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design—it’s what ties the whole interior together. Lighting has the ability to positively affect our health through circadian rhythms, and it creates an experience throughout our environment. I am most proud of how my lighting design remained simple and modern, while also using natural daylight and shadows to evoke a serene environment. Honorable Mention.