As you fly for 15 hours from Florida to South Africa,  why settle for first class? Admiral Travel International has chartered the Crystal Skye jet, a Boeing 777 equipped like a cruise liner, for a special direct flight to Johannesburg—for a bargain price of $37,950 for this journey. Travel agents Malaka and Ryan Hilton expect guests boarding the ultra-lush airplane for a special trip next May will count the journey overseas as a high point. During the 15-hour flight, guests will enjoy a Champagne brunch and nosh on dishes prepared by a private chef while stretching out on seats that convert to flat beds. After the Hiltons learned of the jet’s existence, the husband-and-wife team saw potential for an exclusive group trip appealing to their high-wealth clientele. The opulent airliner, managed by Crystal Air Cruises and Dream Cruises, normally charters for private flights—Team Uruguay traveled to the World Cup on the plane this year and Will Smith selected it to fly the crew for his upcoming film Gemini Man as a gesture at the end of a shoot in Colombia. The Hiltons saw a way to bring luxury travelers somewhere often considered too inconvenient to visit. “For anyone who says, ‘I know I want to see Africa but I don’t like flying that far,’ this is the most luxurious way to get there,” says Ryan, a former safari guide. The agency plans to book 88 passengers, who will take a one-way trip on the Crystal Skye before spending days at a Singita remote overlook of wild Africa—Ryan lists Singita as the top name in lux hospitality on the continent. Guests will also have a ticket to return home on a commercial flight. “People who have sailed before with Crystal or with any luxury cruise ship will value this opportunity,” Malaka says. The trip marks the first time any travel agency chartered the Crystal Skye for this type of trip, but, if guests love it, the Hiltons plan to organize similar trips once a year, jetting to different exclusive destinations around the globe.