A mother-daughter initiative,  Sandy and Sam Albano of Purify saw a niche in the progressive health and beauty market of Sarasota—having heard of similar sweat lodges heavily prevalent for celebrities and socialites in Los Angeles. “Years ago I was flipping through the channels and ended up watching Ellen. LL Cool J was on and somehow started talking about this place he goes to in LA,” says Sam. “He said, ‘they wrapped me up like a burrito in a microwave and I just slept forever!’” Next she found herself listening to an interview with Selena Gomez, the radio hosts prying for the secret to her glowing skin.

“It’s this place in LA that I go to sweat,” she said. “It’s my new thing.” Sam and Sandy realized, “We need to do this. It doesn’t exist here.” After substantial research, the newly established sweat retreat, Purify, nestled its hot business model on Pineapple Avenue.  Customers are given their own Purify outfit to change into, including a soft long sleeve shirt, sweat pants and socks. Once in your sweat gear, crawl into your electric bed and have your preferred position adjusted atop the plush tempurpedic mattress as you get tucked into the infrared body wrap, which is seemingly like a magnified heating pad. While you bizarrely sense yourself looking like a human burrito, the gradual nuking from your heated comforter starts expelling the impurities out of your system. “It’s like a warm hug,” says Sam. “It’s so cozy and just melts your muscles.”

Enjoying complete privacy within blackout curtains for 50 minutes of new-age relaxation is just the cherry on top of the melting sundae. With the provided bluetooth headphones, listen to podcasts, music from your iPod, soothing meditations, pick up where you left off on season two of Ozark or have Sam choose a random Friends episode to put on your personal flatscreen. Unlike steam saunas, the direct skin contact of the wrap’s heat energy actually penetrates “two layers deep into the skin” to soften and dissolve fats, and detoxify your body of polluting toxins. “I crave going in there,” says Sam. A session at Purify can promote clearer complexion, increased blood circulation, diminished inflammation, enhanced quality of sleep and assist with joint pain and arthritis. “People also come in because of their cough from the red tide and congestion from seasonal colds,” says Sandy. “They tell us this really opens up their sinuses.” M

any also attribute speedy metabolism and weight loss, because your glands are perspiring at an accelerated pace like you’ve just cranked out an intense session of cardio.  40 minutes in, your heart rate goes up. You begin to burn calories. Your body really wants to cool itself down. You start to profusely sweat. “This is your hotspot for maximum benefits,” she says. As you reach what’s called, “the edge”, either Sam or Sandy come in with a cool washcloth to rest on your forehead—radiating the essential oils and scents of lavender and tingling your senses for your last 10 minutes of rapture.