Matthew Haines wants to make a mark on the communitY with more than ink. In addition to all the typical tattoo and piercing services expected and advertised, Haines and Sacred Arts Tattoo has also become known for specializing in 3D areola tattoos for women and men recovering from breast cancer. Hospitals offer a similar service, says Haines, but with subpar ink and not from professional tattoo artists. And he was shocked to find some tattoo parlors charging as much as $800 for two simple tattoos. “Those of us who have never had cancer can only imagine what emotional conflict it creates,” Haines says, “and they’re preying on that emotional vulnerability.” Partnering with Sovereign Plastic Surgery and organizations like Moffitt Cancer Center, Sacred Arts began offering the tattoos for free. Consistent high demand did mean that eventually Haines had to raise the price to a nominal $50 per tattoo, but it’s a rate that never changes and clients receive free touch-ups for life. This December, Sacred Arts also hopes to partner with a local hospital to provide board and video games for children staying over the holidays, and Haines plans to introduce scalp micro-pigmentation services for clients with alopecia, an auto-immune disease that attacks hair follicles

Photo by Wyatt Kostygan.