In what was once a desolate, empty lot, now stands a “Conch-style” dwelling emulating the most charming features of Caribbean heritage architecture. Its wooden, handcrafted build incorporates elements from a sundry of cultures that exemplify the influences of Bahamian, African, Creole and Victorian designs. Its island-inspired architecture brings the tropics to life in the form of hulking beams and diagonal framing, found in many Caribbean “cigar maker cottages.” Notice nuances of a seafaring ship design, such as “roof hatches” used on board to facilitate ventilation. The gracious lanai, much like a pirate hanging on his crow’s nest, overlooks the equilateral pool and paved patio down below, careening out to the boat dock and Bayfront beyond. 

Michael Epstein of Seibert Architects and Denny Yoder of Yoder Homes embraced the mission to build a reverential life on the water once the homeowner voiced her draw towards island culture and love for the sea. Having lived in Florida on and off for more than 45 years and traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean since childhood, this particular style of architecture and design motif holds a special place in the homeowner’s heart. And with Seibert Architects and Yoder Homes at the helm, her dream dwelling manifested in a bohemian-mod palace right on the water’s edge, where she mentions feeling more at home than anywhere else she’s ever lived. Relocating back to the Sunshine State from a landlocked town in Texas, the homeowner states, “I couldn’t wait to get back here,” and reaffirms this every day by waking up to grab her morning cup and sauntering out to the balcony with her golden retrievers in tow, for front row seats to the sunrise show. 

The open-air floor plan welcomes warm, coastal breezes sailing through the all-embracing wall-to-wall sliding glass doors. The sky-high ceilings, thoughtfully constructed with brawny wood beams, encourage the absorption and bounce of natural light. And once interior designer Pam Holladay brought in the crowning touches, an elegant offshore abode came to life. Enviable master bedroom tables and a regal study desk were custom-made by Sarasota designer Paul G. Adams. While other significant pieces of furniture were culled from European Traditions in Sarasota and Baker, located in Estero; interior furnishings and decor sourced locally from Home Resource and the Sarasota Collection Home Store. Additionally, the homeowner inscribed her own coastal-chic treasures found on shopping trips from Key West to South Africa, and throughout her many travels. “Pam and I also traveled to DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas) in Dania Beach, as well as the Design District in Miami to find many things,” the homeowner reveals of discovering her outback luxury deck furniture by JANUS et Cie, “My favorite feature of the house (though I love it all) is definitely the expansive rear deck,” she notes. “It’s furnished as an outdoor living and dining area and allows me to perch over the water. It feels like being on a boat, and is the perfect place.”