BIRDS A FEATHER  Fly with your own wings—it’s time to soar and embrace that feminine frill you’ve been eager to let wild. And top designers like Noten, Valentino, Tom Ford and Loewe are lifting you off with thick, flowing necklines, plumage-trimmed handbags and feather-strapped mules.

DARLIN’ DALMATIAN  Sometimes everything is all black and white, especially this season, with polka dotted prints from head-to-paw. Burberry, Celine and Carolina Herrera want in on the monochromatic circular formations ranging from petite dots to showy spheres. 

ENDLESS SUMMER  Hang ten with California girl-inspired styles that break the typical beach bum mold. Toss on a sassy-slouchy Jaws graphic tee by Calvin Klein, zip into a svelte neoprene wetsuit by Hermés and channel that inner surfer with Baja-worthy outfits from Michael Kors.  

BIKER BEWARE  There’s no denying a new short on the scene. From beach to streets, women are rocking the longer, thigh-tight short. From Chanel, Fendi and Prada, all the big houses are on board with high-waisted, stretchy versions of the ‘I mean business’ bottom-huggers.

SCARF IT DOWN  Scarf prints have a jaded reputation as tie-on neck accessories only for sophisticated ladies-who-lunch. These vintage-inspired prints are reinventing themselves with fresh looks—done up in colors and patterns in the form of Balenciaga retro-inspired shirts and new takes on boho-chic by designers Chloe and Etero.