COMPANIES ACROSS THE WORLD TRUST the name Robert Procop to cull their collections and verify responsible sourcing. And now, the Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels Collection comes to Main Street, where McCarver & Moser celebrates its 40th anniversary. Captivated at an early age by the song of the stones, today Procop is a global force with laboratories and studios in Geneva, Hong Kong and Beverly Hills. He travels far and wide to mine the rarest, most exquisite gems, sometimes taking as long as two years to gather the perfect stones to complete even one necklace. His devotion to the art saw one piece specially selected for permanent placement in the Smithsonian Institute; his devotion to charity has made him world-renowned as the jewelry design partner for the elite, like Angelina Jolie and Brooke Shields. Perhaps most importantly to consumers today, Procop ensures precious stones and diamonds are sourced responsibly—knowing exactly where they came from, how they were mined and by whom—due in part to examining them prior to any polishing or tampering. “Procop is able to get them at a very early certification level that most people cannot,” says McCarver & Moser’s Michelle Raines. “Jewelry designers all around the world call on him.”