Fresh off a trip to New York to introduce the latest line of holiday cards, gift wraps and notepads from Shannon Kirsten Studio at a national stationery show, Shannon Kirsten Couch takes a much-needed early afternoon at home away from the studio. But inspiration follows her everywhere, from the Florida landscape outside her door to the Dogo Argentino named Blade bouncing off the walls inside it, and even the crowded aisles of the local grocery store, where the motley collection of colors and shapes can spur the latest idea for her hand-drawn offerings. Working in watercolor, acrylics and gouache—which she prefers for its versatility—her mind floods with new ideas, pouring forth fully realized or in bits and pieces that join her multitudinous photographs and clippings tacked haphazardly to her studio inspiration board. Currently selling her work in 70 boutiques across the country—including deals with big names like Anthropologie, Saks Fifth Avenue, Hallmark and Trader Joe’s—and featured in magazines like The Knot, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, Couch has come a long way from her start making custom wedding invitations and stationery (though she still takes the occasional wedding that catches her eye), but she maintains her signature touch. “I stick to what I really love,” she says, “and try not to be too influenced by trends.” Next up? A new line inspired by a recent tour through the Scandinavian landscape, and maybe a brick-and-mortar store of her own.