Cat Depot aims to enhance its youth and family program opportunities. In 2020, look for new education programs to launch including: “Whiskers and Tales” – reading with cats; “Mommy & Me Yoga” (in addition to the continuation of our popular “Namastray Yoga” series); summer youth camps; field trips; and monthly lectures/classes on varied topics appealing to audiences of all ages. 

Our current campus receives 25,000+ visitors annually. Not all guests coming to Cat Depot are specifically looking to adopt Families, youth groups, and tourists learn about animal welfare, cats, pets, the human-animal bond and humane education in a fun, interactive setting through a facilitated or self-guided experience. To facilitate these experiences, Cat Depot is currently seeking funds to plan and implement upgrades to its onsite educational graphics as well as to create interactive digital displays. Shown above are artist’s renderings of what the upgrades might entail. Cat Depot is currently seeking funding for these “phase 1” educational upgrades to the shelter.  

With the specific goal of engaging visitors through creating fun and meaningful educational experiences, these new learning opportunities will facilitate a better understanding of cat care and pet parenting, focus on the importance of spay/neuter as it relates to community cats as well as cats in homes, and build empathetic stewards of the future. These enhancements will resonate with a variety of audiences that will affect positive change in the future of cat welfare in the area.

Cat Depot’s mission is to save lives, find loving homes, and provide resources and education to improve the destiny of homeless cats. As such, we touch and save a lot of lives. To date this year, 1,100+ cats and kittens have found loving homes; 7,600 community cats and personally-owned pets were fed through our monthly Community Food Bank; and over 6,000 cats received veterinary care in our affordable care Cat Care Clinic – all with your assistance. With your continued support just think of what we can do in 2020! Visit