DIY extraordinaire and stylist Lucy Suits looked forward to planning her daughter Lily’s birthday parties year after year. After eight of them, she was inspired to tie some strings together and create a boutique event planning company with à la carte party concierge services. “Have you ever thrown or hosted a party that when it was over you were like, ‘Holy cow, I am never doing that again,’ only to do it all over again the following year? That was me,” she says. “I wanted to create services for small-scale events, and for parents to enjoy their children’s party.” After having a custom-built cotton candy maker built, finding a glam photo booth and learning to handcraft show-stopping decor like streamer chandeliers and tunnels, couture paper flower peonies and lavish balloon installations. The Modern Girl Party & Co. burst into a full-blown business. Wedding planners seek her out and celebrity moms give her a call for their child’s birthday. The main allure of TMGP remains the “organic” balloon designs that Suits jerry-rigs together. All different in shape, size and color, her balloon arches, garlands, backdrops, custom arrangements and mosaic accents turn a bar, doorway or wall into something otherworldly. “It is not a step-and-repeat process with all the same-size balloons and same pattern,” she explains. “The process for one organic balloon garland can take up to three to four hours. We blow up all of the balloons on-site so they look fresh and shiny.” The amount of balloons that go into one 17-foot organic balloon garland can be anywhere from 200 to 400 balloons, depending on the scale of the design that the client desires.  Possibly Suits’ biggest gig yet has been for the Ringling College of Art & Design. She recalls placing the order and thinking to herself she surely ordered way too many balloons and began doubting herself. Needless to say, she used every one of the 14,000 balloons sourced. Though TMGP was originally created for children’s events, once people saw how Suits could single-handedly elevate any ideas they had to truly execute an extravagant party scene, it took a quick spin right away. “Basically, for anyone trying to celebrate life or have a good time, we are your go-to!” she says. From a child’s rainbow unicorn party to a disco-themed bridal shower, a boho-chic bachelorette and a high brow corporate black-tie affair, TMGP adds color, sparkle and a modern twist to any themed event, even for those already memorable moments. “TMGP has become my space to dream, be inspired and help others turn their ideas into something extraordinary.”