Locals are taking to the roads to explore the nomadic lifestyle that encompasses living it on four wheels. The delight of transporting yourself within the comfort of your own home whenever the impulse hits has hungrily fueled the increase in popularity of van life, vehicle conversions, tiny homes and RV travel. It is as if we are returning to a sense of wanderlust long since forgotten by conventional home living. This adventurer’s dream became a reality for Gianna, Jake and their daughter Luna (@ourvanquest) after they were struck by restlessness.

“We sold our house, our car and everything we owned and jumped right into it” says Gianna, who got her first taste of transit after converting a van, aptly named VanNessa, and traveling the rambling routes of the country for two years. Having fallen in love with life on the road, Gianna and Jake are now converting a school bus, Buster, to accommodate the soon-to-be fourth member of their caravan.

Her family’s lifestyle has allowed them the priceless opportunity to spend uninterrupted time together—never missing any of the milestones that have and continue to make their experiences so special, no matter how long they remain in a given location. For Liz, Wes and their daughter Finley (@nauticalnomands), the decision to purchase and fully renovate a school bus themselves named Octobus, was one of those life-altering “aha” moments. Despite this being their first experience with a conversion, Wes’ background as a contractor and Liz’s career in photography will allow them to travel in style while consulting others considering a similar lifestyle change.

“Sometimes it feels like a journey that’ll never end, but then you take a look back and realize you’ve come further than you ever thought you could,” says Liz. The conversion connoisseur community in Sarasota is incredibly tight-knit—friendships like that of Liz and Wes and Gianna and Jake allow members of varying ages and interests to feel close to others chasing, quite literally, the same dream.

“No matter your situation, there will always be people in this community who can relate to your struggles and help you through them.” It is no surprise that those who have adapted a life on the road are passionate about the versatility of their homes and will jump, rightfully so, at the opportunity to share their passion with those around them. After all, the ability to pave a life of elation along the unending asphalt of any open road is one of the many luxuries for those who live, and travel, tiny. SRQ