This past year, pets were promoted from sidekicks to co-workers and we loved them all the more for it. They kept our work-from-home couches warm with their fluffy faces and took lunch breaks with us in hopes of going for quick walks around the block. This year’s SRQ Pets We Love audition calling saw a surplus of canine colleagues clawing their way to the top (alongside one standout horse). Check out the winners of the year’s cutest competition.


The Uplifting Downward Dog, one-year-old English bulldog

“Dharma came into our lives in March 2020 in the
midst of the COVID-19 epidemic. We were struggling emotionally and felt scared about the future. Quickly, Dharma became part of the yoga studio and greeted everyone when they arrived for a healing yoga practice,” shares owner Claudia Baeza, shown above. “Dharma’s love and affection is felt the moment you meet her. I think she knows how much she was needed—she doesn’t hold back her love of other furry friends and children. She is part of the yoga community at Pineapple Yoga + Cycling Studio, and we are so grateful for her presence every single day. She keeps us focused on always following our
Dharma and sharing our love and truth!”

your pet’s perfect day? On a perfect day, Dharma is energized to greet everyone that arrives at the studio with wiggles and licks!

Stewie and Buck

Relaxed and Retired Cheer-Up Pups, 14-year-old buff cocker spaniel and 12-year-old tri-color collie

“Stewie is a rescued pup whose family abandoned him at seven, wanting the vet to put him to sleep so they could travel and not worry about him,” says owner Theresa Mattis, shown left. “He is sweet and gentle and the master of begging. Stewie also visited long-term care and hospitals before retiring two years ago and was a real favorite of the ladies! Buck is retired now, but he has visited long-term care facilities and hospitals in the past, cheering up patients and workers at those facilities. He also gave comfort to traumatized rescued dogs. The dogs just seem to find comfort lying next to him in his bed. Buck loves running around after the little dogs in the park, separating them if they ever get too rough but never ever hurting them.”

If your pets had a show named after them, it would be (Stewie)
How to Make Your Master Feel Guilty and Give Treats! (Buck) Bucktastic!


The Doggie-Paddle Professional, Wrigley Bear (Wriggles, Doc McWriggles), TWO-year-old majestic golden retriever

“Wrigley Bear is extremely empathetic and provides great comfort to his mommy, who has a rare neurological condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome,” says owner Kim Welch. “He can sense when his mom is having a pain flare and puts his head across her legs when she is in too much pain to move from bed. He provides great comfort, companionship, and a distraction with his dopey smile and puppy snuggles on days when it feels like you don’t have the strength to push through the pain.”

If your pets had a show named after them, it would be Aquapuppy- The Pool is Calling!

your pet’s perfect day? Wrigley is a natural in the pool, who learned how to swim when he was just six-weeks-old. Wrigley would swim all day if he could, gliding through the water and using his tail to steer. After swimming back and forth fetching water balls, Wrigley just hangs out on the step soaking in the sunshine. Then it’s bath time. He also gets a special blueberry facial. After his bath, it’s towel time. He loves to roll around in warm towels straight from the dryer.

Wrigley's dream? have an endless supply of bacon and live in a pool.