According to superstition, utilizing your first waking breath to utter the words “rabbit rabbit” upon the onset of the month ensures the following weeks will be filled with good luck. Amanda Gilliland is a real-estate agent by trade, but her creative passions lead her toward pursuing various side projects with the help of husband Zachary Gilliand. Toting a background in retail and design, including operating her own wholesale jewelry company, opening a retail space of her own that focuses on thoughtful design was a welcomed challenge. “Rabbit Rabbit is about a well designed life. We carry items that are beautiful to look at, easy to use and are made with consideration of creating a world that prioritizes kindness to people, animals and the earth,” says Gilliland. “The idea behind monthly pop ups is to have something new and exciting every time. It brings more of the event aspect to it. You walk into Target and it always looks like Target. Walking in on only one day a month and it being a new visual experience is a much more fun way to shop.

 Rabbit Rabbit will continue to release new collections each month at 2081 Princeton St., Sarasota,,


This project is really just all about the fun aspect for me.” Curating a collection of goods is an artform as special as creating the products themselves. To assist in organizing a cohesive collection, Gilliland choses a monthly theme to focus her selections around. “I’m really interested in third places. I would love to have a space oriented around that,” says Gilliland. Long-term, Gilliland would like to transform the storefront into an event space, turning Rabbit Rabbit into a third place for the community. Customers could rely on the third space as an environment more casual than the office and more social than the home to enjoy relaxing in the company of others. This may come in the form of a special drink event during pop-up hours, or turning the space into a location for a casual book club. Rabbit Rabbit aims to be more than just a store; it’s an event to look forward to.