Taking over the small town of High Point just south of Greensboro every October and April, members of the interior design trade explore 11.5 million square feet of showspace seeking out inspiration. The market draws 2,000 exhibitors and more than 75,000 attendees hailing from over 100 countries. The market offers the ultimate display of interiors with both a fall and spring exhibition for those curating a distinct collection or tracking down new ideas. Home Resource’s Michael Bush will be one of those attendees this October–his favorite part is “showing up and just talking about life and talking about business.” Even carriers such as Home Resource that source contemporary and modern furnishings primarily from other countries are loyal attendees at the market to browse new collections and strengthen industry ties. The expanding clientele has made the market a paramount debut of the seasons’ trends. A review of style reports from the spring showing help to predict some of the most beloved themes we hope to see during the market week of October 17. 

NEW TRADITIONS Successfully executing a new take on classic design is a difficult feat, but many High Point designers have taken on the challenge. By altering a traditional silhouette and timeless fabrics, the trade merges tradition with modernity. One elegant piece that demonstrates the classic appeal of fall is the Tufted Chevelle Chair by Regina Andrews. The luxurious leather is a versatile java black, contrasted by bold chrome arms. The silver surrounding the seat is a sleek element, made traditional by the comfort and class of the dark leather. Modern prints and vocal colors bring even the most aged elements of interiors into a new realm of design. Wallpaper has made a comeback and is anticipated in the loudest prints and materials. Detroit Wallpaper Co. has sparked a trend of customized patterns and use of traditional imagery in original ways. The company’s collection of metallic grass cloth papers allow walls to become as detailed as luxurious furnishings.

METALLIC HABITAT The polished, clean wood of tradition and distressed lumber of rustic style have a new competitor stealing the spotlight. Wood in the most glamorous form took over showrooms this past spring and has become even more sought after in anticipation of the fall market. Chairs built with bronzed branches and tables made of metallic tree trunks take the wilderness into even the most luxurious abodes. For those who desire a more glitzy twist on the ultra-sustainable statement, designers are gilding natural accents. Shining mineral pieces are prominent in many collections taking to the new-age natural feel. Phillips Collection is one mastermind of the movement with metallic coffee tables structured as roots and large stones. Silver coatings on an underground design is a bold take on a modern natural interior. The collection of Tommy Mitchell is another trendsetter adorning his tables with bouquets of metaled botanicals. His metallic flower wall-art and tables filled with golden butterflies give the chemical elements new life.

LITTLE MARKET En route with the movement to support global artistry, the world of interior design has worked to bring organic artwork and elements of multiple cultures into modern collections. Collections now integrate sourcing from small communities around the world, refurbishing fabrics and distributing handcrafted pieces. DIRA Life features special creations from South Africa that bring the smallest of rural vendor pieces to the largest of American marketplaces. African Kuba Cloth is a material used by a line of textile runners, framed artwork and accent pillows. The natural hues of brown and beige are displayed in complex, woven patterns and bring the artisan feel to any space. AMS Imports Area Rugs presents a collection of rugs from artisans around the globe. The Moroccan Collection is just one of the hand-produced lines displaying original patterns and tribal influence.