In a region lush with construction professionals, it’s tough to figure out what contractor to call first. Our readers helpfully point to Westin Hills, the winner of this new category, with most voters specifically calling out Jeremy Peterson as a top professional. Tied for runner-up were Nautilus Homes and Synergy Building Corp. Avery Roofing Services enjoys the high life as second runner-up, and a three-way tie for third runner-up between Jackson and Associates, Triumph Air Solutions and Voigt Brothers Construction leaves sound options for all.—JO


David Lewis (on Westin Hills): One of the more significant aspects of trust in residential construction is transparency. They built my single-family residence in the Indian Beach neighborhood, which was located on a very narrow lot, without disturbing the neighbors or disrupting traffic. Regarding the financial concerns of my project, Westin Hills worked with me on several preliminary designs, all of which guided me toward my final resolution. Jennifer Marlow (on Westin Hills): Mr. Peterson is very thorough in his proposals. His prices are thus very accurate and you don’t get hit with surprises in the middle or end of the job. His attention to details is impressive as well as his knowledge of vast resources of options. His final presentation of finished projects is always a delightful event. Louisa Averitt (on Nautilus): Ryan Perrone is very insightful and has an eye for detail. He is a custom home builder who is an attention-to-detail person who keeps his customers informed of all the progress during the building process by weekly photos of the building status and construction events that have happened that week. We have built three homes before and can honestly say it has been a pleasure to work with him. Ryan has been closely working with us and has given us many ideas to either save us money or enhance the building.