With our culinary candidates elevating the French fry from side dish to an experience all its own, this ain’t no wedge issue. S’macks Burgers and Shakes brushes off the competition with a firm stance on Parmesan Garlic Fries securing another year on top, but Gecko’s Grill and Pub continues to rise in the rankings on the back of a Sweet Potato Fry platform. Shore Diner and the Truffle Fry bloc end the year’s campaign at second runner-up and Central Café and State Street Eating House share a seat at third runner-up.—PL

Shelby Isaacson (on S’macks): S’macks fries are always crispy and are packed full of flavor. Florence Samsky (on S’macks): They have all kinds of fries on their menu (crinkle cut, garlic herb Parmesan, cheese, waffle cut, tots...) and we like them all. But mostly, we voted for Smack’s because they do a wonderful job of accommodating our 8-year-old son’s food allergies. Alyssa Holcomb (on Gecko’s): I love Gecko’s fries because they have the perfect consistency—they are crispy and salty on the outside, softer on the inside and are the perfect thickness —not too thin like shoestring fries but not too thick like steak fries. They pair well with some of my go-to meals. As a French fry enthusiast, Gecko’s gets it right. Deanna Langer (on Shore Diner): I chose Shore Diner for best fries because simply, they’re amazing. I could go there and just order them.