Michael Chokr and his amazing team at Diamond Vault are responsible for developing a very special token for the 2016 SRQ Women in Business Leadership Circle. As the winners and finalists were recognized on stage on April 21st, a sparkly, custom created pin awaited them. Breaking from the traditional plaque or certificate, a gorgeous lioness set in gleaming sterling silver will now be a mark of this prestigious community honor. 

As with all good things, this process took time. From conceptualizing the artistic direction, to precise CAD drawings that detailed every angle of the pin’s surface down to intricate, 3D-printed molds for casting, the process was equal parts creativity, glamor and small-scale engineering that uses big technology.

For the team at SRQ, watching this project grow was fascinating, especially since much of the design work was a collaboration between our very own Lisl Liang and designer Anthony Casto, who shaped the graphic that later became a mold, and Diamond Vault.

For Diamond Vault, this was all in a day’s work. The talented GIA certified gemologists and jewelry designers specialize in creating meaningful, one-of-a-kind pieces for clients every day. Far from assembly-line jewelry, Diamond Vault bucks the trend of cookie-cutter styles by offering hand-crafted masterpieces that are made to order for every milestone and occasion. Special thanks to Michael Chokr and Diamond Vault for their support of the SRQ Women in Business Initiative.