The Isabella Two-Story evokes a sense of classic Florida, with a beachy color palette reminiscent of warm summers spent salty and sundrenched. Light bark wood floors meet sandy wooden ceiling beams and crisp white walls within the newest Founders Club model; vibrant blues and greens come to life in miniature ottomans, plush tasseled throw blankets and backdrop tiling. The home acts as a respite from snow-covered Northern windows, offering up a sublime space to dream up new recipes from farmers market bounty, host a mid-summer pool party or cozy up with the family during an August thunderstorm.

Jennifer Stevens, senior design director at Romanza Interior Design gave this model a cottage aesthetic, summoning a more coastal vibe than the other terracotta, Mediterranean-style homes that dominate the Founders Club. The grey and yellow exterior accent hues invite you into a light-drenched living room, housing taupe linen-covered couches and overstuffed chairs that “scream ‘Come sit on me.’” says Stevens. Driftwood furnishings set the overall tone of the home, along with hemp sea-grass-esque backdrops that peek out of built-in niches. The bright white molding and cream shag rug make the natural woods and textures come to the forefront, highlighting the outdoors-comes-indoors atmosphere that pervades the house.

Stevens points out the same occurrence in the master bedroom; “When you walk in from the hallway and you’re looking at the bed through to outside with all the plants,” she says, “there is a really nice indoor-outdoor connection that just occurred naturally.” The greens and fresh white linens featured in the master bedroom complement this connection to the natural world and speak directly to the leafy plants placed in bright corners of the bedroom, happily drinking in the afternoon sun. A free-standing soaking tub provides a warm welcome to the master bath, an ideal nook for working out tired muscles or claiming a much-needed moment for yourself and your favorite book. As the golden light filters through angled shutters, this bathroom dares you to slow down and relax your mind, even as you rush to your morning meeting. And don’t forget the most important meal of the day, scarfed down while perching at the edge of the slick marble-topped kitchen island.


Photography courtesy of Romanza Interior Design.