There’s something wildly alluring about an adventure goods store that pays homage to Naked and Afraid with nude mannequins and foliage in the window with accompanying text, “we’ve got you covered.” Environeers attracts Sarasota’s rugged and refined, equipping outdoorsmen with expert advice from native wild west-coasters. With a well-curated selection of climbing, camping and travel equipment, local brothers and owners Stan and Carter Tracht propel this retail experience to new heights with their combined expertise and adventurism.

If you’re not shopping for a specific excursion, you’ll quickly find yourself fantasizing about undulating desert dunes and outsmarting campground raccoons. The Yeti coolers get nods of respect from the craftiest grizzlies. The Natural High Banana Cream Pie freeze-dried snacks celebrate the wild side of your epicurean taste buds. From figure-firming Spanx yoga pants to an army of Salewa soles, Keen kicks, and Chaco sandals perching uniformly at attention, cool, functional attire will be crossed off your list with gusto. Post high school graduation, the sibling duo explored uncharted territory in Texas, opening multiple successful businesses together. While business was strong, so was their desire to return to Siesta’s sifted ivory sands. It’s tough growing up in

paradise. Once you’ve tasted the nectar, everything else hits the tongue like stale water. Carter returned to Sarasota to care for a family member and was walking in the Sarasota Crossings shopping center when he spotted a sign–quite literally, a “Going Out of Business” sign in the Environeers window. He chatted with owner John Krotec, who turned out to be a lifelong friend of Stan’s. Within minutes, they worked out a deal and the Tracht brothers were home, sweet home. The store is steeped in outdoors character. Even the fitting room is a wooden bungalow plastered with exotic maps, vibrant photos and personalized postcards all carrying a unanimously appreciative tone. You quickly realize Environeers isn’t about surviving in the wild; it’s about thriving in the wild.