Can scientists turn mosquitoes into vegetarians?  The team at Penta5 thinks so. By employing juice-box technology, mosquitoes are lured away from human flesh by offering up an organic alternative elsewhere in your garden. And lest anyone dismiss these bug feeders as insect-sized birdbaths, the visionaries believe the MosquitoPaQ could stop the spread of Zika in South Florida and malaria in Africa. “And we don’t kill the mosquito,” boasts Sandra Murray, Penta5 vice president of marketing. “They belong in the food chain.” Scientists for Penta5, a Sarasota company formally incorporated by Charles Murray in 2015, has been developing the MosquitoPaQ product for eight years. Hitting the market now, the product just earned the Ringling College Innovation by Creative Design award, bestowed by the arts school and the Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County.