Lucky Peach Magazine 

If you are a truly dedicated foodie, you have to add Lucky Peach into your essential reads. All at once a journal of recipes and ingredients along with a platform for wild and vivid illustrations, graphics and photography, the magazine continues to bring irreverent writing to food, eating and entertaining. Lucky Peach uses food as a filter to tell stories about people, places, traditions, flavors, shared experiences and cultural identities. A quarterly magazine, Lucky Peach is one of the world’s most trusted and fiercely loved culinary resources.

¡Cuba!: Recipes and Stories from the Cuban Kitchen, Dan Goldberg, Andrea Kuhn, Jody Eddy

Following on the footsteps of the US embargo on Cuba being lifted comes this exuberant book celebrating the culture, cuisine and tastes of the Caribbean country. Bold and daring with captivating colors and unforgettable faces, ¡Cuba! brings out the country’s life through the eyes of award-winning photographer Dan Goldberg, acclaimed art director Andrea Kuhn and renowned food writer Jody Eddy. Bring the flavors of Cuba into your home with over 75 recipes for dishes such as squid ink empanadas, Cuban-style fried chicken and mojito cake with rum-infused whipped cream.

The Moon Juice Cookbook, Amanda Chantal Bacon

Juicing has transitioned from more than a food trend to a full-blown way of life, and Bacon is at the forefront. Her LA-based wellness boutique, Moon Juice, has a substantial following heralding her shop as one of the nation’s fastest-growing brands.

The Adventures of Fat Rice, Abraham Conlon, Adrienne Lo and Hugh Amano

Chicago restaurant Fat Rice has become an institution; its chefs now exploring the underappreciated cuisine of Macau—a city on the banks of the Pearl River in China. With flavor influenced by its centuries as one of the world’s largest trading ports, spices from Portugal, delicacies from Europe and ingredients from South Asia and mainland China make their way into dishes like Minchi, Po Kok Gai and Arroz Gordo.

Dinner at the Long Table, Andrew Tarlow and Anna Dunn

Tarlow has built a veritable gastronomic empire across the Brooklyn landscape, with his restaurant/bar/bakery/market family including Reynard at the Wythe Hotel, Diner, Marlow & Sons, Marlow & Daughters, Roman’s, Achilles Heel and She Wolf Bakery. A man that Bon Appétit dubbed the “restaurateur who invented Brooklyn,” Tarlow brings together 17 seasonal menus for small gatherings and huge blowouts, all in the tradition of family style eating.

Everything I Want to Eat, Jessica Koslow

First-time writer but long-time award-winning chef, Jessica Koslow finally gives the public an inside look into the recipes she features in her LA restaurant, Squirl. Known for her commitment to inventive recipes using only market-driven, healthy ingredients, Koslow shares 100 of her favorite sensational recipes, allowing readers to take her dishes as a jumping-off point to creating their own culinary adventures. This book is a non-stop ride through health-conscious, finger-licking food.

Saltie, Caroline Fidanza, Anna Dunn, Rebecca Collerton

More than just a cookbook, Saltie is a roadmap for fun and delicious eating. Built by the three pioneers of Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s cult eatery of the same name, the women behind the hole-in-the-wall restaurant bring the recipes for their beloved sandwiches, soups, egg bowls and sweets to the page.

BUTTER: A Rich History, Elaine Khosrova

Never before has this dairy darling been so explored, revered and celebrated until Khosrova sat down to unravel butter’s fascinating story. The award-winning food writer and former pastry chef travels across three continents, tracking the modern history of butter, from ancient butter bogs in Ireland to sacred butter sculptures in Tibet. This book proves: butter is boss.

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