Want a night out on the town but can’t find a babysitter? The voters weighed in on where to bring the young ones and Evie’s Tavern emerged as Best Of, with adults praising its wide array of activities for the youngsters and boss drinks for the adults. Mandeville Beer Garden and its open atmosphere with room for children to run and scream while the adults overlook with a drink at the picnic table or get down and boogie right alongside holds a strong first finalist position while Gecko’s arrives as second finalist on the back of a solid kid’s menu. Anna Maria Oyster Bar finishes at third finalist with multiple voters reminding that kids under 10 eat for a penny an inch. Right on.

Shay Atluru (on Mandeville Beer Garden): It’s perfect. Where else can you watch football, be inside and outside, drink great beer, eat great good, hang out safely with your entire family and actually enjoy yourself? Staff is great. They treat kids well. Kids can enjoy themselves with the games and even play with other kids. Parents can relax.  Great beer selection. Movie night and trivia nights are wonderful. The place is a gem.

Justin Lindberg (on Mandeville Beer Garden): I voted for Mandeville Beer Garden because of the fun and relaxing atmosphere. Parents can enjoy a craft beer and (restless) kids can play in clear view of all seating, inside and outside. The food is great and the craft beer selection is too.

Douglas Cherry (on Mandeville Beer Garden): Typically “beer garden” and “kids” should not be in the same sentence, but my wife and I have found Mandeville to be extremely kid-friendly. The outdoor area with picnic tables, cornhole and ping pong is great for families to enjoy on a nice afternoon. They also have a kid’s menu.

Julie Kummer (on Mandeville Beer Garden): My elementary school age daughter and her friends had a great time playing ping pong and digging in the sand. They love the kids' meal choices and food as well. The wait staff is also friendly and accommodating.

Jamie Jalwan (on Gecko’s): It’s a special spot when your names appear on the “Beer Guru” plaque on the wall, yet it’s still entirely appropriate to dine with your one-year-old. That’s the perfect balance Gecko’s (on Hillview) provides our family. We appreciate how accommodating the management and service team has been through every stage of our evolving dining experiences. (Plus it’s locally owned!)