Near any night of the week, one can find a lively trivia match underway at any number of bars and brewpubs in town. The big question isn’t so much whether there’s a game going, but what game is right for you. Local trivia hounds weighed in on their favorite interrogative watering holes and it’s Gecko’s that rises to the top as a hands-down Best Of for the question-and-answer crowd, with a special warning to newcomers to look out for crowds of off-duty doctors breaking the curve. Mandeville Beer Garden and Evie’s Tavern tie as first finalists, with Mandeville getting an edge for regular stops from the Polpo Pizza truck and Evie’s for prizes. Rounding out the list, Growler’s Pub comes in at second finalist, but with a reputation for tough questions for a crowd full of New College professors.

Kelly Romanoff (on Mandeville Beer Garden): Family-friendly atmosphere, fun yet challenging questions and great beer. Plus delicious Polpo pizza and s'mores. We WILL win first place soon!