A call to art for the State Street Parking Garage was cancelled by the Sarasota City Commission. The decision tosses out a recommendation by the Public Art Committee to hire a muralist who, unbeknownst to committee members at the time, was related to the city’s parking director.

“I want our staff to know this is unacceptable,” said City Commissioner Hagen Brody. “Full disclosure of issues and conflicts should be the standard. This whole process has been upsetting to watch.”

Commissioners elected to launch a new call to artists. Anyone who participated in the year-long process previously may submit anew.

Artist Mark Krucke, whose artwork had been favored by the Public Art Committee, said the decision sends the wrong message to the committee by punishing an artist for a mistake made by city administration. Krucke offered to do the work for free rather than take the $100,000 budgeted for the public art.

Mark Lyons, the city’s parking director, suffered a suspension and demotion at City Hall after the fact he was Krucke’s father-in-law became public knowledge. At an April meeting, Public Art Committee members initially tied between Krucke’s submission and one from artists Michael Parker and Richie Brasil. Lyons said the use of spray paint in the Parker/Brasil project was a “terrible idea.” He did not disclose his relationship to Krucke to the Committee.