Don't Get Busted

Sarasota County specifically outlaws cyclists from holding on to a moving bus.

Stay on Track

Manatee County law prohibits off-roading in parks, and requires cyclists to stay on paved roads or designated paths.

Electronic Rider License

Electrically powered bicycles under Florida law are classified as mopeds, and therefore require users to have a driver’s license.

Nuisance Animals

Dogs or cats in Manatee County will be deemed nuisance animals if they bark or hiss at a cyclist for four minutes or more within a two-hour period of time. For pedestrians, they are allowed five minutes, though for mailmen they are only allowed three.

Parental Control

It is legal for an adult cyclist to ride with a child in a secure sling or backpack, but illegal for someone to ride on the handlebars. Child seats are allowed, but it’s illegal to leave a child in the seat when the cyclist is not in direct control of the bike, according to Florida statute.

Respecting the Resting Places

In certain Florida
jurisdictions, it’s illegal to ride your bicycle across graves. In Desdin, for example, you must ride through the right-of-way set aside between graves. When visiting a grave, you must to park your bicycle outside the cemetery against a fence; the law forbids you from laying it on the ground or against a tree.

Just Wear It

Riders under 16 years
of age must wear helmets while riding, but wearing a helmet should be imperative regardless, according to many. North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton ranks among the 10 most dangerous places for cyclists according to Smart Growth America. Even strong riders get in accidents, so always wear a helmet.