Books with countless recipes fit for beginners and pros line the shelves in this new addition to the store. Storekeeper Lore Feld recently started the section when she received a generous donation of several cookbooks, all from this century and ready for the modern kitchen. “Downtown has become very culinary, and we complement that with the cookbooks we’re selling,” she says. The most popular request from people so far has been Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry Cookbook, an award-winning collection of 150 challenging recipes split into six parts, each representing a course in a meal. Her personal favorites include a set of books called Savor the South, published by The University of North Carolina Press Each book contains nearly 50 recipes centered around a different food, from peaches to pecans. “I used to just think that southern cooking was just butter and bacon, but there’s more to it,” she says. “There’s even a whole book on bourbon!”



Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan. Dive into the world of the Brooklyn naval yard’s first female ship repairman Anna Kerrigan and the search for her missing father, a union man with possible ties to the mob. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jennifer Egan’s new release Manhattan Beach takes readers back in time to World War II in her first historical novel. Join Anna as she works to uncover the secrets in her life with help from Dexter Styles—a nightclub owner with connections to the criminal underworld—in this noir-themed blast from the past. Fans of her past work in A Visit from the Goon Squad will enjoy Egan’s voice in this new novel.