Nebulous Nature 

Your nickname  None. Now for my performance/noise music personas, that alias goes by i_like_dog_face. 

Your brand I don’t have a brand identity. Essentially I am a working and exhibiting multi-disciplinary artist who also has a full-time job as the exhibition/marketing coordinator for Art Center Sarasota.

Would you rather be an inventor or leader?  I am both.

Biggest a-ha moment? Finally focusing on how to navigate my life. 

When did you feel helpless?  The only times things feel helpless is when I work completely alone on a project. Successful problem solving comes with a community to reach out for advice, studio visits, discussions and a second pair of eyes.

Has our region failed millennials? Sarasota has the potential to balance its relationship with the youth, tourism, local residents and environment, but the truth is it hasn’t. There is a lack of ethnic culture in Sarasota in order for it to maintain diversity in all aspects. That culture includes visual arts, music and ethnic food, which all bring diversity. There is a lack of venues for experimental and contemporary visual arts and music that create opportunities for local artists and also bring in touring acts. Also with rent going up, that not only is driving out the youth who can not afford to live in Sarasota but also affects ethnic restaurants that don’t provide high-end cuisine. So Sarasota has failed the young generations lacking this diversity with its new city planning, and to be honest it might not be on their agenda.  

My heart goes out to Art Center Sarasota and SLAW (Sarasota Lady Arm Wrestlers).

What's next? I have a collaboration performance and installation piece with artist Matthew Moyer titled Flexible Self Inside the Screen, that will be presented the weekend of November 10-12 at Art in Odd Places Orlando, an annual public art and performance festival.  


The Real Deal 

Your nickname Ritchie

Your brand
 Chasing the paint.

Would you rather be an inventor or a leader? As an artist, it’s easy to see myself as an inventor but like a leader I have a lot of fight in me. I’m passionate about what I believe in and I have no problem standing up for that. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the answers and you kinda need those to be a leader so I guess I’m just part of the mob.

Biggest a-ha moment? After hours of moving furniture aroundin my living room I was able to finesse the couch and tv stand into two “L” shaped patterns creating a yin-yang bliss that not only conserved space, but was also highly functional. #Fengshui. 

When did you feel helpless? ?  Ok. By back was against the wall. My art school portfolio was destroyed before I could turn it in. I was surfing from place to place. Someone just shot my little brother in the face. And to make matters worse, someone I knew robbed me of everything I had. I had two options: get even or move to Florida? Ps. Johnny is okay. 

Has our region failed milennials? How much is your rent?

My heart goes out to: The impoverished youth.

What's next:  Beer collab with JDubs, solo show in the works, new murals and new merch on the way…