Brant’s Bookstore Recommendation    A Land Remembered by Patrick Smith.  

Follow the rags-to-riches story of the MacIvey family as they grapple with hardships on the nineteenth century frontier in this Florida classic. Beginning with Tobias MacIvey’s journey from Georgia to Florida and closing two generations later as his grandson Solomon reflects on the influence his tribe has on the state they now call home, tap into the history of Florida, both the beauty and the hardship, and the impact one family can have with this century-spanning novel. “It should honestly be required reading for every Floridian,” says Brant’s Books Owner Barbara Sciarretta. “It really is a classic.” 

NEW RELEASE   Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson. 

Transport back in time to the height of the Italian Renaissance with a new biographical work coming to shelves this month. Return to an age of art, culture, invention and exploration when the Renaissance Man himself put the finishing touches on the Mona Lisa and drew up blueprints for airplanes centuries before their creation. Walter Isaacson’s historical nonfiction provides readers with an in-depth tour of the renowned genius, gathering insights from the thousands of pages available from da Vinci’s old notebooks as well as more recent discoveries. The latest addition to Isaacson’s biographical series, previous entries include works on Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs.